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Increased sales, brand loyalty, and sustainability are just one click away.

Recurate enables a beautifully integrated resale marketplace directly on ecommerce stores.


How Recurate Works


Customers list their "pre-loved" items

Invite your past customers to return to your online store and list items for sale directly from their purchase history.

Two purses and a pair of pants are shown with a button prompting to "sell used" next to them.
Three pre-loved purses are shown for sale. In the middle of the image, a social media post is shown promoting the product.


Customers get store credit

Reward sellers with store credit to drive loyalty and repeat sales. Brands also have the option of offering cash payouts as well.


Customers promote their used items

Enable customers to easily promote their products via social channels to their friends and family, driving new traffic to your store.

A "Crossbody in Pearl" is shown to have sold for $260, with a button prompting to "Get your $250 Store Credit" below.
A man stands with his arms crosed, with a pre-loved bag on his shoulder.

​Your customers are already buying your used products. Just not from you.

Platforms like Depop, ThredUP, Tradsey, and The RealReal offer your customers an opportunity to buy and sell your brand's used products.

Recurate enables an integrated resale marketplace on your ecommerce store so you can keep your customers and products on your website.

It's easy, adds value for your customers, and increases both your sales and sustainability.


Become a leader in

sustainable e-commerce

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More customers

Engage with young customers who shop their values and buy used. Let your customers market your brand's products to their community.

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More sales

Instantly expand your available inventory with no upfront cost or MOQs. Capture the customers purchasing your brand on third party sites to grow your funnel.

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More sustainable

Increase your revenue and demonstrate your values without growing your environmental footprint.


Frequently asked questions

What is Recurate?

Recurate is an e-commerce integration that enables your customers to resell their used products directly on your ecommerce store, creating a resale marketplace that raises your traffic, sales, and sustainability.

Your customers are already buying your used products. Just not from you. Recurate brings those customers and sales to you by incorporating resale into your own store.

How does Recurate work?

After you implement Recurate, invite your customers to sell and buy your used products directly from your store.

Invite customers who have previously bought from you to sell those items as pre-loved on your site. Enable customers to easily promote their products via social channels, driving traffic to your store. Reward sellers with store credit to drive loyalty and repeat sales.

Request a demo to learn more about Recurate.

Why should I be interested in selling used products?

The resale market is currently valued at $28B+ and growing 21x faster than traditional retail. It is the most sustainable way to shop. And resale is extremely popular among Millennials and Gen Z consumers, who are currently buying your used products on third-party sites like eBay, ThredUp, Poshmark, or The RealReal. You are currently losing their sales.

Recurate helps you take back this traffic, sales, and engagement.

Who is responsible for shipping?

The buyer covers the shipping costs and the seller is responsible for shipping the item. Recurate provides the seller with a shipping label, and provides the buyer and store with tracking notifications.

Sellers have three days to ship the product after it is purchased.

Does Recurate provide merchants with onboarding support and customer services?

Recurate will help you throughout the onboarding process, including for implementation, marketing strategy, and execution.

What are your fees?

Recurate charges a monthly platform fee, plus a transaction fee on all used product sales that the app enables.

If you have additional questions about our fee structure, please contact us at hello@recurate.com.

How does Recurate help my brand be more sustainable?

We built Recurate to help merchants sell more sustainably. We deliver that mission through world-class customer support, a trusting and transparent culture, and a goal to make a positive environmental impact.
∞ enables new customers to buy more sustainably. ∞ enables past customers to declutter their closets. ∞ extends the life of quality products. ∞ was born as a benefit corporation. ∞ is carbon negative.