You run a world class brand. We keep your customers loyal.

In a world with limitless choices, we help you stay ahead of your competition with an integrated platform that increases loyalty and acquisition.

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We address your brand's biggest challenges.

You’re sitting in an executive meeting, brainstorming how to increase revenue with ad costs at an all time high, and increase engagement while loyalty is decreasing.

These problems aren’t unique to you. Brands across the globe are having this conversation right now.

That’s where Recurate comes in. Our integrated resale technology is proven to help brands increase loyalty and acquire new customers.

We're the innovative solution you've been looking for.

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As the original sustainable fashion brand we are excited to expand our customer’s experience through the Recurate platform.

CEO, Laurie Etheridge
CEO, Laurie Etheridge

Revenue Increase

2.5x overspend when resellers return to use their store credit.


LTV Increase

Resale customers spend 1.5X compared to non-resale customers


Engagement Increase

Increase in customer engagement without any new products.

Resale is the Future of Retail


You want more engagement.

Engaging customers is essential to your brand, and you are looking for solutions.


You're looking to increase LTV.

You need innovative and effective solutions to increase customer LTV.


You need to reach new customers.

Finding new ways to expand your customer base is a priority.

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Ask us anything! We’re here to help you find the perfect solution, no matter where you are in your resale journey. In 30 minutes, our experienced team will showcase our resale technology in action and help to determine the strategy that best fits your needs.