Amour Vert Sustainably Manages Resale Inventory with New Fillogic and Recurate Partnership

Amour Vert Sustainably Manages Resale Inventory with New Fillogic and Recurate Partnership

Press Release: Amour Vert utilizes Recurate resale platform and Fillogic to provide solutions to returns.

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April 22, 2024

(NEW YORK, N.Y.) June 16, 2022 – Fillogic, the logistics-as-a-service platform for retail, and Recurate, the technology-enabled resale service for brands, announce a partnership that creates a value-retaining and revenue-generating circular economy for popular retail goods using the power of localized logistics at scale.

The new Recurate and Fillogic partnership enables retail brands to get closer to their customers and simplify the management and distribution of resale inventory using Recurate’s ecommerce technology, which is tightly integrated with Fillogic’s network of tech-enabled distribution hubs based at convenient mall locations.

Amour Vert, the original sustainable fashion brand, launched its resale program ReAmour in 2021 and has utilized Recurate and Fillogic’s services since its inception. Amour Vert’s goal was to offer a seamless integrated resale experience for its customers, but needed a system in place that would guarantee the resale products met the brand’s high standards. ReAmour was made possible through the hand-in-hand approach between Recurate, creating the customized, fully-integrated resale site, and Fillogic, handling the logistical back-end to confirm quality and provide an easy process for ReAmour consumers.

“As the original sustainable fashion brand we are excited to expand our customer’s experience through the Recurate platform and Fillogic partnership,” said Taylor Hansen, VP of Global Marketing & Ecommerce at Amour Vert. “Through the Amour Vert ReAmour peer-to-peer resale marketplace our fans may experience access to past small-batch, limited edition styles that have become fan favorites. We’re also pleased to be able to offer a more accessible pricepoint on sustainable fashion, while giving our ‘future vintage’ styles a second life to a wider range of customers.”

Fillogic Hubs offer returns/reverse logistics and distribution for brand’s utilizing Recurate’s resale platform. Fillogic inspects the item to ensure it meets the brand’s quality standards, captures photos, and integrates with Recurate to list the item on the brand’s ecommerce site. The innovative and quality-controlled circular economy retail model results in less waste in landfills and a lower carbon footprint for all involved because of how Fillogic manages inventory, distribution, last-mile delivery and recycling.

“This partnership is one of those unique situations where 1+1 = 3, and we’re more than happy to be supporting Recurate’s mission,” said Gregory Cioffi, Vice President of Implementation and Customer Success at Fillogic. “Fillogic’s technology and localized logistics infrastructure are extremely agile and able to meet all of our customers’ requirements. This flexibility has allowed for a quick implementation of specific requirements for Recurate’s customers, while enabling their business model to sustainably scale across multiple, localized facilities.”

Recurate empowers brands and retailers to sell “pre-loved” products directly on their ecommerce sites. Recurate’s technology facilitates several models of branded resale, including peer-to-peer transactions where customers can list products from their order history, take-back programs online and in-store, charity auctions and sample sales.

“The growth of the resale market is outpacing traditional retail commerce 11-to-1 because consumers are looking for ways to not only spend less, but to cause less damage to the environment,” explains Cynthia Power, Recurate’s VP of Brand Success. “We make it easy for brands like Amour Vert to control their resale inventory while also making it easy for consumers to quickly list and sell their ‘pre-loved’ items. And Fillogic’s infrastructure makes it easy to receive, store and deliver brand-owned inventory – like returns and sample products – for a seamless transaction.”

The Fillogic and Recurate partnership will continue to allow brands to offer a turnkey resale experience for consumers.

About Amour Vert

Amour Vert is the ethically made, women-led, sustainable fashion brand that combines Parisian sophistication with Northern California ease. Since 2010, their labor of environmental love has led to the pioneering of new fabrics and the conscious adjustment of their business practices across the board. Instead of investing in trends that inevitably lead to the landfill, they are dedicated to addressing the environmental impact of everything they design before going into production. For more information about Amour Vert, please visit

About Fillogic

Fillogic is a NYC-based technology company dedicated to maximizing efficiencies for retailers and freight delivery networks via mall-based micro distribution hubs. It is an experienced team of retail and logistics professionals, technologists, serial entrepreneurs and creative problem solvers with more than 160 years of combined experience. Fillogic is driven by a mission to help our partners decipher the writing on the wall as technology continues to rapidly transform the retail landscape. For more information, please visit:

About Recurate

Founded in 2020, Recurate, Inc. is a leading circular economy technology company that offers brands an ecommerce solution to capture their secondhand sales. Recurate enables an integrated peer-to-peer marketplace on brands’ ecommerce stores, allowing their customers to resell items they previously purchased from those brands. Recurate works with fashion, outdoor gear, electronics, and equipment brand companies. To learn more about Recurate, please visit:

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