Conscious Style Podcast: Cynthia Power

Conscious Style Podcast: Cynthia Power

Learn how brands can design for resale from the very start, the logistics & the challenges of resale programs, and much more.

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July 29, 2022
For this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Cynthia Power, an expert in brand resale programs. Cynthia currently helps brands build and optimize their resale programs at Recurate, a full-service recommerce partner for brands, whose clients include Mara Hoffman and RE/DONE.

Before that, Cynthia worked as the Director of Eileen Fisher’s take-back and resale program. And as you may know, Eileen Fisher has been a major trailblazer in the brand resale space.

Cynthia is also an avid thrifter and self-proclaimed vintage fanatic herself, so she has a lot of great insight into the secondhand fashion space.

In this episode Cynthia is addressing topics like:
- What are the differences between brand-led resale programs vs. third-party platforms like a ThredUP or Depop?
- What do the logistics look like for a brand’s resale program? And what are the challenges to getting a resale program off the ground?
- And how can brands design for resale from the very beginning?

Cynthia is also addressing some of those big difficult-to-answer and hotly debated topics, like:
- How can we start to get fashion to *finally* talk about reducing new production?
- And does resale give brands an “excuse” to continue to overproduce since they have a home for that unsold stock?

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