How 3 Innovative Brands are Leading the Way in Resale

How 3 Innovative Brands are Leading the Way in Resale

Another Tomorrow, La Ligne, and Peak Design are taking resale to the next level.

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October 16, 2023

Resale is taking off right now and brands from all ends of the retail spectrum are jumping on board. Recurate partners with brands of all shapes, sizes, and locations to help them launch and run successful programs customized to their unique brand identity, business goals, and community.

So far, we’ve launched 25+ resale channels (peer-to-peer and take-back). To give you a sense of just how easy the process is for brands, explore the five phases of launching a resale platform. But we don’t stop there. Recurate’s dedicated Brand Success team works with each partner from launch onward to maximize growth and boost engagement.

Sometimes, that means getting creative and thinking outside the box to take resale where resale has never gone before. Here are three ways Recurate helped brands add custom functionality to level up their resale experience and truly make it their own.

1. Integrating Digital ID with Resale

Another Tomorrow recently launched Authenticated Resale as an extension of their unwavering commitment to sustainability. In addition to making their products with the most responsible fibers available and a supply chain that honors the wellbeing of workers, each Another Tomorrow product includes a Digital ID integration with Evrythng. The QR code on an interior tag gives customers access to product information as well as the ability to resell. Since the digitization of products is relatively new in fashion, our team was thrilled about the opportunity to integrate this new functionality across Another Tomorrow’s user experience and behind-the-scenes operations. Now, through a quick scan, customers will be whisked off to a custom landing page. From there, they can follow the steps to list an item for sale from their mobile device.

2. Bidding Functionality for Live Auction Fundraiser

Normally, Re-Ligne functions as a peer-to-peer resale marketplace where customers can access timeless La Ligne stripes and staples at an easier price. But in honor of Women’s History Month, the La Ligne team wanted to leverage their resale program to run a live auction fundraiser. Recurate worked with La Ligne to add an interactive bidding functionality to their resale channel. Over 50 brand ambassadors and celebs, the likes of Nicole Richie and Olivia Wilde, listed items for sale on Re-Ligne. Each item was then auctioned off, going well beyond the listing price to raise money for The Lower Eastside Girls Club. This creative idea took some extra work on both sides, but it was well worth it — the event was a great success. Not only did La Ligne direct attention toward a worthy non-profit, but they also raised a ton of awareness for their resale channel. We love getting to support creative, mission-driven ideas like this!

3. Buy New/Used Buttons + Geofencing for International Resale

Peak Design was one of Recurate’s very first partners, and after building out the Peak Design Marketplace, our team has helped customize a number of user experiences. For example, Peak Design is unique in that they offer both a “buy new” and “buy used” button on their product pages, increasing product accessibility while also building awareness for their resale program. More recently, we helped Peak Design tailor their shopping experience so that buyers are only served products listed within their country. So, buyers in Canada will only see products from sellers in Canada (the same goes for the US). This helps simplify the peer-to-peer shipping experience and avoids international shipping rates and customs delays. It’s also better environmentally-speaking to keep products local. Peak Design is a prime example of how to embrace resale as part of your broader business and brand identity. They simply have fun with it and are constantly exploring new ways to market and grow their program. We’re proud to support them as they do resale their own way.

“Honestly, when we met [Recurate co-founders] Adam and Wilson, they fit the profile of partners that we have had the most success with in the past… people that we really just personally get on with really well, very knowledgeable about the space, really hungry to grow, and willing to work with us. We were really in cahoots about being focused on customer experience and trying to see things through the eyes of the customer and wanting to make it a buttoned-up and delightful experience for people. It’s been a very warm, friendly, fun relationship from the get-go.”
— Adam Saraceno, Peak Design’s Head of Marketing
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