Another Tomorrow

Authenticated Resale

A take-back resale program fully integrated with digital ID for ethically manufactured and responsibly shared products.

Founder and CEO Vanessa Barboni Hallik says resale was baked into the company’s business plan from the start and will be aimed, in part, at reducing production of new clothes. That’s not the angle most brands promote when they launch resale, but it is the only way that resale can help fashion to reduce its overall environmental footprint.

“The whole goal is that you develop these business models that incentivise really high-quality, long-lifecycle products, and therefore you end up selling fewer new products,” she says. “We believe in that; we're comfortable with that.”

Excerpt from Vogue Business:

The Backstory

Another Tomorrow is founded with a commitment to sustainability throughout the product lifecycle. This luxury fashion brand is a standout in terms of their circularinitiatives, tech innovation, and appetite for taking things to the next level. Not only do they use responsibly grown and ethically manufactured materials to bring their products to life, they further digitize every item through a partnership with Digimarc. Digital ID is integrated into their product line, giving customers information on manufacturing, product care, and now, seamlessly enables resale.

The Solution

By integrating our technology with Another Tomorrow’s ecommerce and digitization partners, we were able to design a seamless and elevated resale experience for their community. By scanning the products digital ID, customers can now easily participate in the Authenticated Resale marketplace. AnotherTomorrow truly demonstrates new possibilities for resale, circularity, and connected products.

How It Works