Resale, made easy. 

Recurate's features and functions make it easy for brands, sellers, and buyers

Easy installation

Shopify installation makes it easy to add Recurate to your online store. 

Brand protections

Protect your brand and your customers with policies and dispute handling.


Customizations allow you to create a used market that suits your needs.


Recurate support to address your needs and your customers' expectations.



For one-click resale

One-Click Install

Plug & Play

Add and customize the Recurate plug-in for your store through Shopify's easy app installation.

On-board & engage customers

Target customers who previously purchased items from your store. Invite them to sell their items through your used product market.

Attract new customers

Attract Gen Z, Millennial, and conscious consumers who are driven by values and sustainability.




To give everyone confidence

Brand protections

  • Certainty that the seller bought the item from your store

  • On-brand shopping experience

  • Recurate merchant support

  • Pre-written resale terms of service

Buyer protections

  • Seller reviews

  • Seller payment withholding until buyer confirmation

  • Shipment tracking

  • Dispute resolution support

Seller protections

  • Simple, easy to follow instructions

  • Automatic shipping label generation

  • Shipping tracking



To meet your store's needs


Customize your market

Change the look, feel, market name, and other features to match your brand.

Customization support

Access Recurate's experts to further customize your market to your specific needs and Shopify theme.




For your store and your customers

Supporting you

Recurate's Shopify experts will answer your questions and provide support to help you achieve your used product marketplace goals.

Supporting your customers

Recurate provides dispute resolution and other customer support for your customers that buy and sell through the Recurate platform.

Take back your resale customers today.

Get in touch

Reach out to us anytime with questions or for support.

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