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How to Win New Fans, Inspire Brand Loyalty, and Save the Planet

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Created by Recurate in partnership with social impact agency BBMG, this resale report provides fresh market data and key consumer insights to help brands unlock the benefits of recommerce, maximize customer engagement, and support a circular economy. Download this free report today.

This Report Reveals:

  • Resale is not niche and is not just for Gen Z.
  • Brand loyalty increases with brand-owned resale.
  • Customers want to buy and sell through the brand.
  • Recommerce shoppers shop at a high frequency.
  • Brands are not keeping up with demand for resale.

“This consumer report quantifies the tremendous opportunity of brand-owned resale. The numbers are clear — brands who launch in-house resale programs can create substantially more loyal, more frequent customers than brands who don’t.”

– Karin Dillie, VP of Partnerships at Recurate

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We have consumers that pledged to not buy anything new. It’s great to give them a recommerce offer—that’s not cannibalization, that’s customer acquisition. That’s allowing somebody who wouldn’t buy new to still shop our brand and still stick to their values.

CEO, Mark Walker


74% of people across the globe shop recommerce.



85% of people who shop and sell pre-owned would try a new brand if recommerce was offered.



9/10 people who shop and sell pre-owned want to shop peer-to-peer recommerce directly from the brand.

About the Authors


Founded in 2020, Recurate, Inc. is a leading circular economy technology company that offers brands an ecommerce solution to capture their secondhand sales. Recurate enables an integrated resale marketplace on brands' ecommerce stores, allowing their customers to resell items they previously purchased from those brands. 

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BBMG is a branding and social impact consultancy dedicated to working with leaders who won’t wait on things that can’t wait. Together we build Regenerative Brands. BBMG's work includes developing and branding circular retail collections from The North Face and Target and helping retailers like Macy's, Nike and Garnet Hill design for inclusivity. 

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