Another Tomorrow Is Building a Circular Future With Connected Products

Another Tomorrow Is Building a Circular Future With Connected Products

Another Tomorrow has partnered with Recurate to create an authenticated and circular resale experience for customers.

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October 16, 2023

Another Tomorrow is a standout in terms of their sustainability initiatives and tech innovation. Combining a Recurate-powered resale platform with a digitalized ID product assortment using Digimarc, the Authenticated Resale experience demonstrates new possibilities for resale.

Driving industry-wide change takes collaboration. After joining forces with Another Tomorrow and Digimarc for a webinar exploring this new realm of digitization in the fashion world, we’re inspired to share some of the conversation and highlight a brand we are proud to partner with.

Authenticated Resale by Another Tomorrow

Closing the Loop Through Resale

Another Tomorrow uses responsibly grown and ethically manufactured materials to bring their designs to life. Their collection is notably timeless, full of high-quality staples that float above seasonality. Launching a consignment-based resale platform with Recurate was their next step in closing the loop and ensuring their products remain in circulation. And it’s what their customers wanted. They wanted to see the brand at the center of the authentication process as well as the customer service experience.

“It’s one of those rare moments where it’s actually a lot easier than it looks.” — Vanessa Barboni Hallik, Another Tomorrow Founder & CEO on launching resale

Enhanced Traceability With Digital ID

As part of a digital wave of technology that enables circularity, Recurate integrates with other digitization services to create a seamless experience brands and their customers. Another Tomorrow products are uniquely outfitted with Digital IDs through Digimarc, an innovative functionality that we carried across the frontend and backend of their resale experience. Through a quick QR code scan, in addition to viewing sourcing and supply chain information, Another Tomorrow customers can resell an item easily from their mobile device. It’s just the beginning as we continue to explore all the possibilities that digitization like this can unlock.

“The way that it works in our case, it has a ton of benefits, it’s consignment based, it’s capital-light… it’s a really cost-effective use of your existing marketing assets, and it really gives you enhanced control of your secondary market.” — Vanessa Barboni Hallik

Recurate Enables Innovative Resale

We love getting to bring industry-leading innovation to life with our partners. We offer full-service, customizable support and integrate with all of your current ecommerce and digitization partners during implementation. Once a resale platform is up and running smoothly, our job doesn’t end. We actively support our partners throughout the lifetime of their resale program.

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