Recurate launches its ResaleOS™

Recurate launches its ResaleOS™

Resale Platform Recurate Announces its Complete ResaleOS™ Suite of Solutions 

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April 22, 2024

Washington, DC – September 18, 2023 – Today, resale platform Recurate launches its ResaleOS™, a complete suite of solutions comprising all branded resale program components. This milestone supports Recurate’s goal to keep fashion items and sporting gear in circulation for as long as possible. After the first sale, the best possible use of an item - and the most profitable - is to resell it again. 

Historically, if a brand wanted an all encompassing resale program - with both inventory sourced from their customers online, through mail-in and in-store take-back, and their own returned and overstock pieces - they would need to gather inventory data from disconnected systems and patch it together in fragmented pieces. Selling those items would require connections to multiple sales channels, from discount retailers, to liquidators, to donation centers.

Now, Recurate’s ResaleOS™ allows brands to seamlessly integrate all resale elements into their workflows and supply chain. Key components include:

  • Recurate’s Resale Operations Network (RON): Inaugural RON operational partners, Fillogic, Ryder E-Commerce, and Retail Reworks can take possession of brand inventory, or items taken back in-store or mailed-in, and list and fulfill those resale items. Platform partners like Fillogic offer proprietary grading, photography, and recycling solutions that are directly integrated into the Recurate platform. Recurate also partners with Hemster, the experts at extending garment lifespans, to repair and refurbish damaged items, providing key ESG impact metrics to brands and customers.
  • Resale Returns Routing: For worn, damaged, or refurbished returns that cannot be restocked and sold as “new,” brands can list them as “secondhand” on their resale channel. Recurate partners with Narvar, Loop Returns, and Optoro to enable brands to route open-box inventory directly to a brand’s resale channel. These items will be listed for resale as soon as they are received, thereby accelerating the time back to sale and eliminating the need for outlet or liquidation channels.
  • Rapid In-Take (RIT): One of the most critical elements of building a resale program is to rapidly in-take many single-SKU items so they can be listed on the brand’s resale channel. Recurate’s bulk rapid in-take (RIT) tool imports thousands of products instantly, so brands can approve those for sale on their ecommerce resale site. This saves hours from the listing process.

  • Resale Order Fulfillment Solution (ROFS): Fulfilling single-SKU items listed in a resale channel can also be a nightmare for traditional fulfillment and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Recurate’s new ROFS provides two solutions for this challenge: the first option is a direct integration to Netsuite and other leading ERPs to enable automatic fulfillment through brands’ existing systems. For brands managing their own fulfillment, Recurate also built a single-SKU order management system that generates packing slips and shipping labels, and tracks the fulfillment of each listing.
  • Resale Logistics Network: Finally, Recurate has partnered with top global carriers, including USPS, UPS, Canada Post, Evri in the UK, DHL, and Sendle in Australia to enable customer-to-customer shipments, tracking, and delivery confirmations. 

“Today marks a major milestone for Recurate. Our new ResaleOS™ suite combines our best-in-class integrated resale tech with an extensive network of partners. This will make it easier and more profitable for brands to participate in the circular economy,” says Recurate CEO & Co-Founder, Wilson Griffin. “Our resale operating system is the culmination of years of experience supporting dozens of brands, leveraging their feedback and the expertise of our operational partners. The retail industry is only scratching the surface of the secondhand market, and we are excited to support our brands and customers with the next generation of technology.”

About Recurate

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Washington, DC, Recurate, Inc. is a resale operating system that offers brands ownership of their secondhand market via a custom resale marketplace. Recurate’s model enables brands to create a circular ecosystem by integrating peer-to-peer, trade-in, and other resale models. By including resale as part of their omnichannel strategy, brands including Steve Madden, Michael Kors, Frye and others are acquiring new customers, better understanding and tracking their behavior, and engaging them through the full lifetime. To learn more, please visit, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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