Recurate Launches ResaleOS™ 2.0 Suite of Solutions at Shoptalk

Recurate Launches ResaleOS™ 2.0 Suite of Solutions at Shoptalk

Recurate proudly announces its ResaleOS™ 2.0 suite of solutions - the next-generation of its ResaleOS offering.

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April 22, 2024

March 19, 2024 – Today at the Shoptalk conference in Las Vegas, Recurate proudly announces its ResaleOS™ 2.0 suite of solutions - the next-generation of its ResaleOSTM offering. ResaleOS™ 2.0 represents a collection of product improvements and enhancements that offer faster implementations, additional program flexibility, deeper data and insights, and enhanced partner integrations. It also includes a new Growth Cluster, a set of tools specifically designed to drive Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and revenue growth for brands.

ResaleOS™ 2.0 enhancements and all-new functionalities:

  • Launch in Minutes: Recurate’s newest storefront application which allows brands to launch a resale program in minutes, dramatically reducing set-up costs and time to value.
  • Program Flexibility: With Recurate’s modular approach to resale, brands can offer any configuration of trade-in, peer-to-peer, or brand inventory to their customers with the click of a button. No matter their strategy, Recurate’s flexible ResaleOS™ 2.0 technology allows brands to launch tailored programs to achieve their resale goals.
  • Seamless Operations Support: ResaleOSTM 2.0 offers an enhanced API surface, letting operational partners easily create and manage listings and fulfill orders. From ecommerce returns, to customer trade-in, to overstock inventory, this allows brands to quickly activate and merchandise any type of resale supply. Users can engage Recurate’s preferred partners, or Recurate can onboard users’ existing warehouse or 3PL at no cost with Recurate’s listing and fulfillment APIs.
  • Targeted Inventory Activation: Recurate clients can leverage unique insights into customer purchase history, new item inventory levels, and brand catalogs. Recurate’s owner outreach tools allow users to source resale inventory from their existing customers when prices are at their highest, or to chase into unmet demand.
  • New + Pre-Loved Shopping Carts: ResaleOS™ 2.0 enables customers to checkout with both full-price and secondhand products at the same time. Many of Recurate’s brand partners already leverage this functionality; 20% of carts with secondhand items also contain full-price products.
  • Concierge Listings: Consumers prioritize easy and seamless experiences. Recurate’s new concierge service allows consumers to list items for resale or trade-in through a tailored SMS experience, creating an entirely new access point for circular economy participants.
  • Influencer Closets: Individual sellers, ambassadors, and influencers can now curate and share direct links to their branded closets. This drives traffic to users’ stores and increases cart sizes.
  • Drag-and-drop Site Creation: Brands can manage their front-end resale shopping experience, from basic updates like styling or imagery, to more foundational changes like adding new supply streams. The drag-and-drop interface can be used to customize nearly every element of a resale program without any coding or developer hours.
  • Analytics dashboard: Recurate’s enhanced analytics suite provides real-time data and insights into program performance. 

“We are incredibly proud to unveil our new ResaleOS™ 2.0 suite of solutions. This update leverages our years of experience in branded resale, combined with cutting edge technology, to create a best-in-class suite of tools for brands to quickly and easily launch, manage, and grow a resale program.” says Recurate CEO & Co-Founder, Wilson Griffin. “We have listened to the frustrations of brands and lowered the barrier to entry, accelerated the time to value, and reduced the complexity of launching resale. With our new suite of tools, we’re confident that more and more brands will take the necessary and exciting step to launch their own resale programs.”

About Recurate

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Washington, DC, Recurate, Inc. is a resale operating system that offers brands ownership of their secondhand market via a custom resale marketplace. Recurate’s model enables brands to create a circular ecosystem by integrating peer-to-peer, trade-in, and other resale models. By including resale as part of their omnichannel strategy, brands including Steve Madden, Michael Kors, Frye and others are acquiring new customers, better understanding and tracking their behavior, and engaging them through the full lifetime. To learn more, please visit, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter

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